Abbot Tours of York

Sightseeing Tours

York is a city of splendour. Most people are looking for a really good tour of the main historic sites.

Alternatively, if you wish, we can deliver a tour in a themed style – either thought- provoking or one that delves into a few secret atmospheric buildings.

Eric Bloodaxe

We’ll tell you all about the evil ‘Viking King’ of York, Eric Bloodaxe, who cut his five brothers to death with an axe!

Margaret Clitheroe

The Catholic lady who was punished by being crushed to death under a door with heavy weights on top for hiding Catholic priests.

Attend a mock church service

We carry out a mock church service, 17th century style, using the group.

The poor people get stuck in a small pokey pew and the rich in a luxurious spacious box pew.

But, who will be put in the sin bin!